A Case Study

Challenge Accepted – Mission Accomplished

Crates Galore… $6 Million in High Value Electronics Relocated

Leader in plating chemicals for electronics and surface finishing, trusts YHM with relocation
Atotech USA, a new client, required crating, packaging, and relocating dozens of high-value electronics and scientific equipment, including a Fib, known as a scanning electron microscope valued at over $1 million alone. Zippy Crate was selected as the resident expert in the science of moving high-value electronics.

The Challenge

With a tight timeframe of fewer than three weeks, to build 42 anti-static crates with vapor barriers, prepare 109 pieces of scientific equipment and pack them for overseas shipping.

The Solution

With extensive industry experience in relocating high-value electronics and crating sensitive equipment, Zippy Crate created a plan of action. Our main objective was to streamline the packaging, crating, and transfer of 109 pieces of sensitive scientific equipment, including a sensitive scanning electron microscope. A clear-cut mapping of the process was derived based on a detailed chain of custody methodology. To ensure efficient and consistent service and to maximize the limited time available, Your Hometown Mover positioned the same crew on-site for every day of the project. This method of execution allowed for only one explanation of the project process to the crew members. The conditions on-site required Zippy Crate to build the foam-lined crates and vapor barriers offsite and transported them on-site along with the mobile crating team for any quick final adjustments required on-site. This method allowed the crating team to pack crates efficiently and ensure all items arrive safely at their final destination.

The Result

What did it take to complete? Over 630 man-hours, 2200 linear feet of lumber, 500 linear feet of plywood, 800 linear feet of anti-static foam board, and over 600 individual cuts were needed to build the various sized crates. Zippy Crate completed the job successfully within the three-week deadline, and all of the items arrived safely at their final destination.

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