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The Hudson Valley has been the inspiration for all kinds of artists. From The Band to Frederic Church, this is the place to get creative. But many artists find themselves seeking a logistics partner to sell and display their one of a kind works of art. Our focus is on understanding your needs, providing exceptional value for our packaging and shipping services, and delivering our commitment to you.

Logistics & Shipping for Artists

Zippy Crate is a choice logistics partner for painters, sculptors, and other artists across the Hudson Valley.

We are experts at art handling and art shipping, and we offer fine art crating and packaging services designed to protect your professional products and personal heirlooms during the shipping process.

Whether you’re sending products to an art installation or selling to an art collector, you can count on Zippy Crate to deliver your artwork to its final destination.

Fine Art Packing for Professionals

As a modern artist or collector, your specific needs vary by your niche. From traveling exhibitions to evaluations by top art experts, your high-value items will likely be exposed to the rigors of shipping and handling on a regular basis.

A Zippy Crate shipping specialist, help facilitate the seamless crating and shipping of your items.  We are experts in creating custom solutions for moving and shipping artwork, including paintings, prints, framed artwork, and sculptures.

Give your art the protection and cushioning it needs for a successful trip, no matter whether you’re sending it to an NYC art gallery or a private collector in Los Angeles.

Built by Experts

Crating Solutions

We offer a variety of crating and shipping solutions to meet your needs. Every crate is made-to-order and built to match strict industry standards.


These made-to-order crates are designed for items that need sturdy containers and goods that are required to ship in crates, boxes, or containers made from wood.


Repeated shipping can wear down even the toughest box. Our containers are designed with top-quality hardware to protect your valuables from the rigors of constant handling.


From delicate computer servers to industrial production equipment, our wooden pallets and skids are expertly designed to support heavy, unusual, and oversized loads.


Wooden crates designed for international use wood that complies with ISPM 15 regulations. Our facility undergoes monthly inspections, and we maintain extensive documentation to ensure a quality product.


Our team members are experts in packing and shipping. If you need assistance packing an item using corrugated cardboard or other recycled materials, we can help!

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