On-Site Shipping & Crating Services

Custom crating and packing at work or home.

The Zippy Crate Advantage

Based in the Hudson Valley, we offer on-site shipping and crating services to all businesses in our service area.

We Bring Crating Experts To You

Sometimes, the item you need to ship requires a specialized solution.  Large and heavy items are difficult to move.  Relocating delicate or high-value items may be an unnecessary risk.

In those cases, a Zippy Crate expert can travel to your place of business and create a custom crate for items that need specialized care.

If your item is delicate, bulky, oversized, or simply too complex to move without cushioning, stabilizers, or proper containerization, give us a call and our team will come to you.

On-Site Crating Experts At Your Disposal

Fragile items like artwork can be delicate, heavy, and extremely valuable.  This means that proper preparation is critical before commercial shipping services attempt to move your item to its final destination.

As your specialty crating experts, Zippy Crate can assist with the on-site crating, packing, and palletizing of your delicate and large items.

Our team members will build custom wooden crates to suit your needs and can also assist with freight shipping and logistics.

Built by Experts

Crating Solutions

We offer a variety of crating and shipping solutions to meet your needs. Every crate is made-to-order and built to match strict industry standards.


Some oversized or bulky items can’t be protected adequately by corrugated cardboard packaging and need sturdier containers. Certain goods must ship in crates, boxes, or containers made from wood.


Our containers protect your item and withstand the rigors of repeated handling and shipping. We use top-quality hardware, including link locks, hinges, and locking hasps so that the crate can be easily opened and sealed without tools.


We make heavy-duty wooden pallets and wood skids, Certified for international shipping, ISPM-15 compliant. If it’s heavy-duty, oversized, or unusual, you’re in the right place!


We have extensive knowledge of ISPM 15 wood crating, our facility undergoes monthly inspections, and we are required to document all incoming and outgoing wood types from our warehouse.


If you need help packing an item using corrugate or cardboard, we can help. We are expert packers and can readily use our skills to pack your item using recycled materials. Need bulk custom boxes? Give us a call!

Hassle-Free Estimate
Need to ship an item? Give us the details, and one of our experts will follow up with additional pricing and logistic information.

On-Site Shipping & Crating Services Made Easy

Coordinating on-site shipping and crating can be a hassle, even if you have logistics experience.

Zippy Crate simplifies this process by handling all aspects of the process. As a crating company, we can prepare your items for transit. Our 15+ years of experience with commercial shipping companies give us the expertise to help ensure a safe product delivery.

If you need a reliable partner for on-site shipping and crating services, send your detail below. One of our specialists will be in touch.