Artwork Crating

Artwork handling is an important task which requires correct packing, building an incredibly durable crate, and choosing the most reliable mode of transportation. You will find all of these services are done best at Zippy Crate. We take pride in doing this intricate job for you and doing it well.

We understand that keeping your valuables, such as artwork collections, safe and secure during transportation is very important. Zippy Crate in New Paltz, NY specializes in the packing, crating, and shipping of all types of artworks. Whether you need one fine art crate, a thousand industrial crates, or ISPM-15 certified crates for international shipping, Zippy Crate can produce custom wooden crates for any item of any size.

Since our company began in 2014, Zippy Crate has been the leading company for crating your fragile, large, or valuable items and shipping them to your desired location. We can prepare our crates for shipment locally and/or internationally. At Zippy Crate, we apply traditional art handling procedures and techniques to safely and securely pack, crate and protect your valuable artworks. 

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We Crate Artwork Safely

Zippy Crate has expertise in the design and construction of custom-made crating solutions for any object of any size. Our custom-made crates are built to preserve the unique aspects of each piece of artwork while in storage and in transport. Specialized materials are included into the crate design to protect against the effects of shock and climate, and to assure the safe and secure transportation and unpacking of any object.

Handle with Care

Zippy Crate offers various packing and crate styles allowing our clients to customize crate specifications for your needs. We are able to provide museum quality and unique crate specifications.

Economy Packing and Crating

  • Soft Packing
  • One-way and
  • Two-Way Crates
  • Open Slat
  • Crate Retrofits & Repairs
  • Ocean Container Packing

Museum Quality Travel Crates

  • Travel & Cavity Pack
  • Foam Core Cases
  • Travel Frames & Slot Crates
  • Brace Crates for Large Sculpture
  • Handy-Carry Courier Crates

Why use a custom crate for your artwork?

All custom crates built by Zippy Create are designed to provide safety for the artwork it contains. This may include additional protection from vibration, shock, moisture, weather, and other potentially dangerous factors. A custom crate can also help streamline the process of transportation and make it faster and more efficient.

What to expect from Zippy Crate:

  • High-quality materials designed to protect artwork in transit
  • Individual approach and on-time delivery
  • The experienced and trained team of craters who love their job
  • Sophisticated yet affordable artwork crating solutions

When it comes to custom artwork crating in New York, Zippy Create is the best place to invest in the protection of your items. We can make any crate to suit your particular artwork, including antiques, outdoor sculptures, and family heirlooms. From small crates built for fragile 3D artworks to large ones made for oversized items, our team of professional crate makers is always the right choice!

Every Client's need Is Unique

We can custom-build crates to fit the individual needs of our clients, which can include cost-efficient one-way containers or museum standard touring cases. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and attention to detail for each request that is given to us.

We will take the correct steps to offer you the fastest and safest mode of transportation for your crating needs.

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