Custom Crating Professionals

Zippy Crate provides a wide variety of custom designed wood crates and boxes to pack all of your items safely and securely for transportation. With our in-house custom crating service, we have the ability to make the perfect-sized wooden crate, box or container needed for your special item. We provide crating solution to both individuals and commercial businesses throughout New York.

We have the appropriate custom crating services required when you need extra protection for items and added peace of mind during a move. When you need crating for a move, Zippy Crate has the cost-effective, exceptional services for you. Our custom crating professionals excel at creating customized crates for any size, shape or weight, from a small antique to a large piece of industrial equipment. We can provide our crating services in-house or on-site to best suit your unique needs.

We are highly skilled at creating custom crates, and we can provide a crating solution to meet any type of need. We always take into account the dimensions, weight, fragility, and value of every item. Our specialized techniques for custom crating services ensure a solution for your packing needs. When it is essential that your items be packed in the most secure way as possible, Zippy Crate custom crating is the best choice.

Items for which we provide custom crating services include fine art, antiques, computers, trade show exhibits, medical equipment, and many others. Contact Zippy Crate today for your crating needs, or fill out our online quote form now to request your estimate based on your unique crating requirements.

For an extremely competitive price, you will receive our expertise, professionalism, our excellent services mentioned above. 

Need a quote?

To schedule an appointment, call Zippy Crate at (845) 668-3669 and we’d be happy to listen and provide an affordable custom crating solution that will best meet your needs. Thank you for giving Zippy Crate the opportunity to earn your trust, and your business.

Custom Crates to fit your needs

To determine whether a custom crate is the best fit, Zippy Crate will make an on-site visit to determine the weight, dimensions, potential pressure points, and areas that will require additional protection. Once we’ve made an evaluation, we can design a crate especially crafted that fits, supports and protects your valuable items exactly.

No matter how complex or fragile your equipment, Zippy Crate works with you in designing custom crates to protect your valuable items.

Reliable Custom Crating Service

Zippy Crate has years of experience and expertise in crating, from art to treasured antiques, computers to industrial machinery and so much more. Whether your need is big or small, trust our custom crating professionals to handle your valuable items. No matter what size crate you need, we build custom crates to safely protect your most valuable items. We have the unique skills required to provide the best custom crates for your valuables.

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